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Bead Buddy -


Good morning. This is Nikki from Cross Stitch Supplies.

It's such a beautiful day in Cape Town today I decided to do my video outside.

Today I'm going to explain a product called Bead Buddies.

I got very frustrated with packets of beads that are so fragile and they pop open and
they go flying everywhere. So I came up with this, which is a little box which holds your
beads and attaches right to your project as you're working.

So it's got two little magnets and you put in on the front like that and then it attaches and
it won't go anywhere. And then all you do is you open it up and it's sticky inside and you
just pour in the project beads that you're using - like that. And then they won't go flying

I'm working on Joan Elliot's Sweetpea Fairy at the moment so these are the beads that I need.
This is the last one. And you can see I've poured them into different areas of the bead buddy
and they don't go anywhere - they are stuck right there but they're not stuck with any sticky
residue that you're left with on the bead. So as you're stitching you can just use your needle
and pick up a bead and off you go.

So that's how the bead buddy works. Have a lovely day.


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