Beading Instructional Video

Beading Part 1 -

Hi, this is Nikki from Cross Stitch Supplies - I am here to give you a little video on beading.

I usually bead as I go 'cos I like to get it done. I don't like to to reach the end of my project
where I've stitched the whole thing and then spend a week beading.
And usually the projects that I choose have heaps of beading so it would take me a week
just to bead it all and that would be completely overwhelming, so I like to do it as I go and I
love the little bit of bling that it adds as I work.

Okay, I'm going to show you the loop method again but a close up this time. So what I do is
I'm going to start my stitch and my first stitch is a bead.

These are the beads - this is how they come. They are Mill Hill beads but they are Magnifica
beads so they are slightly more expensive. They are from Japan but they have an extra bit of
bling - you can see they are shinier and they are very uniform so they are all the same size so
they can fit in the gaps where your stitches go. So it's very important you use the Mill Hill beads
that the pattern calls for. I'm going to open the package carefully so they don't go spraying
everywhere. I'm going to pick one bead up with my needle and carefully close my package.

So it's just on my thread there and I'm going to push it down in the corner as my usual thread goes.
So my bottom thread usually goes from the bottom left to the top right and then if I keep doing that
with all my beads they will all be in the same direction. We'll pull it down - because I'm starting with
the loop method I'll flip it over, and there is my loop and I'm going to put my needle right through and
pull it. The thread will hold the loop in place.

So there is my first bead.


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