Christmas Ornaments – Ornament Finishing Techniques

14 Nov Christmas Ornaments – Ornament Finishing Techniques

Christmas is around the corner!  Here are some great ideas for making Christmas Ornaments using cross stitch.  Please go to the source articles (links provided) for more great ideas!


Cross Stitch Review – Source

“With the festive season upon us, some of you may be looking at stitching ornaments. Here are some finishing techniques to help you out.”

Bottle Cap Ornaments  – The Floss Box 

“Use plastic and metal bottle caps and jar lids to make these fun ornaments!

bottlecaps and jar lids felt, flannel or some other soft fabric
sewing thread
trims and beads for embellishing and making a hanger
small stitchings to fit on the caps

Step 1:
Cut circles of the felt or flannel to fit the tops of the bottle caps and glue them on.

Step 2:
Cut the stitched pieces an inch or so beyond the size of the cap. Then do a running stitch about 1/8th of an inch from the edge. Put the cap inside the circle and pull the thread tight, center the stitching and tie a knot.
To make the fabric tighter over the cap sew across the back of the fabric until the fabric is sewn in place.

Step 3:
You can add a band around the cap, so the wrinkles in the fabric aren’t noticeable. Then sew on beads or add a little embroidery around the edge of the cap.

Step 4: Glue a piece of fabric or felt over the back of the cap. Add a hanger out of beads or ribbon or cord to the top”

The Floss Tag – The Twisted Stitcher 

“What you need:

Acid Free Mat Board
Mack Knife
Cutting Mat
Crop-o-Dile (or some sort of grommet setting device)
White Glue (my preference is Aleen’s White Craft Glue)
Floss Ring
*NOTE* Crop-O-Dile grommet setters are used for scrapbooking typically.

STEP ONE: measure your stitched piece adding how ever much you want to the right/left and bottom sides (personally I add an extra 1/4 to 1/2 inch to these sides) add 1 inch to the top of the piece for the “tag” part. Cut out the appropriately sized piece of mat board X 2 for top and back.
now measure down 1 inch from the top and draw a line

STEP TWO: at the center draw a line down the middle

STEP THREE: depending on the size of your tag from the center line measure 1/4 (up to 1/2 inch for larger tags) make a mark on either side. Then using your ruler connect the side line to the top line as shown

STEP FOUR: Cut off the corners following the cut lines drawn above and using this first shape as a template, line up the pieces and cut the other piece to the same shape as the first piece.
THEN, you have the front and back tag pieces!

STEP FIVE: mount your stitching piece straight onto the mat board by centering and gluing edges to the back. I like to line up the top of my stitching with the corner I cut for the top “tag” part

STEP SIX: do the same thing for the back material piece:
NOW, you have two tag pieces FRONT and BACK!

STEP SEVEN: take your crop-o-dile tool and center the hole punch part inside the top “tag area” and punch

STEP EIGHT: using the top portion as a template use a pen to mark where the hole should be punched on the bottom tag

STEP NINE: line up the mark with the punch hole and punch

STEP TEN: now get your grommets and crimp them on the front and the back tags using the crimping part of the crop-o-dile

STEP ELEVEN: put some glue on the inside of the tags and paying attention to lining up the grommet holes, sandwich together. It is a good idea to then place the tag under some weights to make sure that the tag is glued together and very flat. After a couple of hours, pull out the tag, place it on a ring and there you go ~ one beautiful floss tag to use for your stitching or give as a gift to a special friend :)”

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