Fractional Stitches Stitching Technique

13 Feb Fractional Stitches Stitching Technique

Here is a video on how to do fractional stitches.  I hope you find it helpful!

Fractional Stitches Stitching Technique

Hi, this is Nikki Loans from Cross Stitch Supplies and today I’m doing a video on fractional stitches.

I know that this is a bit of a tricky one for most people, so I thought I’d give you a few close up shots.

I’ll show you on Aida and on Evenweave. So have a look at this chart and you can see that there are some very interesting stitches over there. Those are called fractional stitches and it’s where you’ve got two different colours in one block. So what that means is that there are two half stitches – let me show you what it looks like……..

Over here I’ve done a little half stitch in the green and now I’m going to go up to that and do the other half stitch in the pink. Just like that. And over there there’s another half stitch in green and I’m going to do another half stitch in pink. This is on linen so because it’s over two threads it’s actually easier to do fractional stitching. I’m just going to cross them with the pink – but you can decide what colour you’ re going to cross them with or you can leave them uncrossed and you’re just going to have to back stitch over it with whatever the chart will show you.

And there we have some fractional stitches. The green over there and the pink goes up to the line where it’s crossed.

Now I’m going to show you on Aida – this is slightly different. Here we have some Aida. Now with Aida it’s a little tricky because your half stitch has got to go into the middle of that block so you’ve got to look very carefully and kind of wiggle your needle around until it finds the middle and then you push it through and this is where your size 28 needles come in handy! So there’ I’m just going to cross it – and that’s a fractional stitch.

I’m just going to do it once more. Wiggle your needle and it finds the centre, push it through and then you cross it.

Sometimes fractional stitches are called quarter stitches which would just be this – that’s a quarter stitch and sometimes they’re called three-quarter stitches which is what this is – as you can see it takes up three-quarters of the block and that takes up one-quarter of the block.

And those are fractional stitches. Have a lovely day!


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