Cross Stitching News

02 Aug
Cross Stitch Lacing Tutorial Cross Stitch Lacing Tutorial Part 2 Hi, I'm Nikki from Cross Stitch Supplies. So now that we've pinned it we can turn our work over...

04 Jul
Lacing Instructional Video Hi, I'm Nikki from Cross Stitch Supplies, and today I'm going to do the first in a series of tutorials on how to lace...

Cross Stitching on Aida
16 Apr
Stitching on Aida

All the fabrics in the Aida family are woven with the threads grouped into bundles to form a square pattern on the fabric,...

16 Apr
Fabric Basics for Cross Stitching

Fabric Basics All counted designs are made up of squares or parts of squares. The picture, pattern or motif is transferred to the fabric...

find the right tension when you cross stitch
09 Apr
Correct tension for stitching

1 Stretch your fabric taut over a hoop as you stitch. Using a hoop will help you to avoid making stitches that either...

09 Apr
Choosing the right kit

Follow these tips to make sure you always choose a design that is both attractive and suited to your stitching needs   1. Size ...