Cross Stitching News

13 Feb
Fractional Stitches Stitching Technique

Here is a video on how to do fractional stitches.  I hope you find it helpful! Fractional Stitches Stitching Technique Hi, this is Nikki...

05 Feb

Here is something we have posted before but it's always good to be reminded!  And if you are new to the site, this...

Fair Isle Knitwear
25 Jan
Fair Isle Gets An Apology From Chanel

On tiny Fair Isle, a cottage industry enjoys the sweet smell of success The Shetland island’s knitwear designers are quietly pleased at the attention...

19 Jan
Ridiculously Helpful Tips

Ridiculously Helpful Tips For Anyone Who Wants To Learn How To Cross-Stitch 1. To get started, invest in a cross-stitch pattern book with classic...

26 Oct
Cross Stitch a Cellphone Cover

I'm not exactly artsy but I'm running wild imagining all the crazy designs I can stitch onto the NeoStich DIY iPhone 4 case....

02 Oct
Things You Only Know If You Cross Stitch

Cross-stitching is ridiculously twee. It’s old fashioned and fiddly and completely, totally addictive. Because nothing is as relaxing as colour blocking in a big section...

14 Sep
Cross stitching make a surprise comeback

Needlework and cross-stitching make a surprise comeback and its younger women leading the way Needlework becoming more popular among 18-to-35-year-olds More than 300,000...