Loop Start Technique and Railroading Stitch Technique Instructional Video. Cross Stitch Supplies Instructional Video


Loop Start Technique and Railroading Stitch Technique Instructional Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msblZqPEgXM

Hi, this is Nikki Loans from Cross Stitch Supplies and I'm here to give you some basic tips and tricks and technique about cross-stitch.

So first we're going to talk about thread and how to separate them, and how to get the best, neatest stitches that you can.

So I'm going to cut my thread about 50cm long, and I'm just going to pull one thread out and the way that I do that is I just grab the one
and hold the rest, and I pull down. And then it dangles so all the twists come out and this I pull down again and then I set it aside.
I'm only going to use one thread, and I fold it in half and I make a loop and thread my needle.

And there you can see it's got a loop at the end - this is called the loop method of starting. So, I'm just going to go over here
and make sure I start in the right place. I'm going to come up where I want to start my stitch and I'm going to leave a tail and I push it through the other side, flip it over and there's my loop. And I'm just going to stick my needle through that loop and pull gently.
And there you can see it catches underneath and it won't pull through - that is the neatest way to start.

Now, when you stitch, you want your threads, the 2 threads, to lie parallel to each other so that you get the best coverage and the neatest stitches. And the way you do that, and it's called railroading, is to stick your needle between the two threads and you're going to separate them and then you go down into the hole. And that ensures that your threads are perfectly parallel. It can be a bit time consuming but it gets the best results. So here we go again, up through the hole, split the two threads and down through the hole. Lets do it once more.........
spilt them with your needle and go down in the middle.

There we go, nice neat stitches and that's called railroading!


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