Q - Snap Instructional Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTs3TnqaBBE

Hi. I'm Nikki from Cross Stitch Supplies.

I'm here just to give you an instructional video with some tips and tricks on Q-snaps.

These are Q-snaps - they are the next generation of hoop. So as you can see they are rectangular
or square so you're not left with round unsightly hoop marks that are a little hard to get out. When you buy
your Q-snaps, they come like this and you have to assemble them. They come in different sizes -
6x6, 8x8, 11x11, 11x17, 17x17 - and they are measured in inches not centimeters so that's a bit bigger than
you would think.

Just going to show you how to put them together. You have to assemble them like this - best to do it on a flat surface.
These are the 17x17 inch ones - the biggest you get. So there's our frame snapped together - very easy.
Now we're going to put our project on. Lay your project over the top and then you're going to push the clamps on.
I like to use a little bit of fabric between my project and the clamp so this is just think tracksuit fabric that I've cut and I
just put it there and I just push these over the top, like that. Q snaps don't damage your fabric in anyway.
That's always good to know. There we go. Now as you can see this is still quite loose so I'm just going to roll them to the
outside which gives nice tension. One tip that I've learned is that you can't put Q-snaps over beads because they will crush
the beads. But sometimes your project is bigger than the Q-snaps that you have, so what I usually do is I just, once I've
stitched an area I just fold up that area and I don't need to put the Q-snaps clamp on - I'm just going to fold it up carefully
like that. My clamp doesn't go on and then I just use my Q-snaps garter which just tucks everything in nicely and holds it
all together and I can just carry on stitching and I still have enough tension to carry on stitching on the other end.

Now, the way that you take Q-snaps off is very simple. They don't clamp off, they're a little bit tight, but as you can see there
is no ending on the frame itself so you are just going to slide it off. Like that. And then you're not left with any damaged ends.

So let me explain some other products that we have to go with your Q-snaps - We have Q-snaps garters which tuck everything 
in nicely with the Q-snaps underneath. Just make sure that your hands are nice and clean so that it doesn't leave any marks on
your fabric. And then we also have the zippy cover - your project fits in there without any problems. Just tucks in there.
Zips up on two sides - easy in and easy out. They are lovely because you can fit in all your patterns , your projects. So if you
are going anywhere it's the easiest because you can just pick it up and go and you can take it with you and
it will keep everything nice and neat.


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