Cross Stitching News

03 Feb
Cross Stitching on Dark Fabrics

Here are some useful tips we found at Stitched Modern about how to stitch on dark fabrics. Enjoy the read! __________________ Tips for cross stitching...

20 Jan
Mike Reynolds – Cross Stitching Man

Come on men!  Now it's your turn - have a read and get inspired! _______________________________________ What I Learned About Masculinity When I Let Myself Start...

10 Jan
Beginners Guide to Cross Stitch

Something for those new to the craft - this is a great article on how to begin cross stitching.  Enjoy this article and...

10 Dec
Calculating Fabric Size

Here are some tips for calculating fabric size. Enjoy the read.  Please use the link provided if you wish to view the original...

30 Nov
iZombie – Cross Stitching Actress!

iZombie is an American television series.  Frances Rose McIver (born 10 October 1988) is a New Zealand actress. Rose McIver plays Olivia "Liv" Moore: A...

10 Oct
The History of Cross Stitch

Ever wondered where this fantastic craft has it's roots? _________________________________ Nordic Needle - Source History of Cross Stitch "With the invention of embroidery machines and the innovative...

04 Sep
Cross Stitch Patterns on Empty Walls

Look what I found at Decor4All!  Such a lovely idea! ______________________________________ Cross Stitch Patterns on Empty Walls, Quick Colorful Wall Decorating Ideas Decor4All "Cross stitch patterns in...

Cross Stitch is good for your health
10 Jul
Cross Stitch is Good for your Health!

Here are some fabulous reasons why you should immediately start that new cross stitch pattern! Cross stitch is good for your health! Enjoy...

20 Jun
Slow Stitching and Mindfulness

This is wonderful article from Ray Stitch about why the crafts of stitching and embroidery and so loved and so necessary to us...